About The Polaris Group

My name is Kathy Pleasance and I am a Founder with the ICANetwork and President of the Polaris Group.

The ICANetwork is a US based technology service company and we have just launched the Silent Salesman custom mobile phone app.

The Polaris Group is a successful group of entrepreneurs and marketers who have come together to help support our ICANetwork customers and sales team. Our main focus is helping you to get started!!

Please contact me directly with any questions or concerns  that you may have.


The ICANetwork App Affiliate Phone Program Is Just One Product Offering.

ICANetwork Is An American Company With Offices In Florida, Michigan, And California, With Salesreps In 58 Countries.

Polaris Group Business Hours:
Monday to Friday, 8am -5pm  EST
Saturday, 8am - noon
Closed Sundays.

Phone: (289) 239-9771
If we are not available to take your call,
please leave a short message with:
your name,
time zone,
best time to call,
and please repeat your phone number.

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