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Sections Include: Home, Profile, Support, FAQ's, Admin Notifications, Commissions, Marketing Tools, and Downline. 

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Unfortunately, to avoid scammers in taking advantage of owning an app and receiving a discount, the first app cannot be purchased from your referral link. (Use Button: "The First App")


Most reps use this app as their show piece. For example, if you are targeting restaurants, then build the app to look like a generic restaurant. Once a restaurant owner agrees to purchase an app, then use your referral link to buy the app. 

What you charge for a monthly fee is in your control. 

The one time charge to load the app with the business information, is also your decision.

Only purchase additional apps when required, be sure to use your Referral Link. 

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The app is so easy to build. If you can cut and paste, you can load content into the app. It is really that simple.
DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION?? There are several ways to get help.
-Enter a Support Ticket from the back office.
-Email the Polaris Group.
-At the end of the Tues. call, there is always a question/answer period.
-Phone in on the Sat. open mic session and get a one on one with an ICANetwork app building expert. (Amy Mossel)

Tuesday Training Sessions:

7:00 PM EASTERN Standard Time
6:00 PM CENTRAL Standard Time
5:00 PM MOUNTAIN Standard Time
4:00 PM PACIFIC Standard Time
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Call: 1-716-273-1237
Conference ID: 2609319#

Call in up to ten minutes early for our "Get Acquainted" session on Tuesday.

NOTE: No Training calls if Stat Holiday falls within that week.

Saturday Open Mic:

12 Noon to 1PM Eastern

On every-other Saturday , ICANetwork holds a special "Open Mic" Call-in, (using GoToWebinar instead of the teleconferencing line.)

This is not a 'training' call, but is just for you - to get your questions answered..
There is no formal presentation, there is no particular theme covered, if you have a question just join in anytime between 12:00noon to 1:00pm Eastern, and we'll be there to help you out...

Register now for the Saturday Open-Mic call: 
(Only need to register once)

"Open Mic" Call-in 
(Please check your time zone)
12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
11:00 AM Central Standard Time
10:00 AM Mountain Standard Time
9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

These Saturday calls are held through GoToWebinar allowing you to connect via your pc or mobile device (do NOT call in to the Tuesday training call phone number).

Amy posts the questions and answers from the Sat Open Mic Session, along with some other information.
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-ICANetwork is an American based technology service company.