Do Not Think Of Our Phone App
As A Just An Outstanding
Mobile Marketing Communication Tool.

It's Also A Client Retention Tool.

The world has gone mobile! The Internet is predicted in double in size in 3 years due to the sale of the smart phone. Companies must embrace this technology to remain in business.

We have combined ultra high-technology and SMS (Simple Messaging System) which we like to call SMS - "Smart Marketing Strategy" which can receive a reply, plus Push Notification technology in one low-cost paradigm.  This makes our product an ideal candidate to be part of your Clients mobile marketing strategy.

Once a Text Club has been established, a business owner will not want to lose their followers. This is the ultimate communication retention tool.

TODAY'S CUSTOMERS DEMAND CONVENIENCE:  The app is a quick easy method to obtain information and gain access to a website.

Text Messaging And Push Notifications! They're Critical To A Mobile Marketing Strategy!

Your Client can send out as often as they like, whenever they like.  This is an outstanding way to promote: daily specials, coupons, upcoming events and create a Loyalty Reward Program. A smartphone is not required to send either type of message.

Once your phone application is built, you will be given special access to your own control panel, sending a text message is simple. This program has been designed not for the technogeeks, but for everyone.

AND GET THIS: Every time someone downloads the app, they are prompted to register their phone to receive text messages from you! And if the customer doesn't register, they'll automatically receive push notifications instead!

Our Platform Is 100% Opt In: Our system will stand up against and pass any test of the future CAN Text Act. The texting platform is available in the U.S., the US Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Push notifications are world wide.

If  a business owner is still sending emails, they are lucky today if 70% of  the mails are delivered, and even luckier still if just 10% of their audience opens the email to see what you have to say!


Receive A Reply!

The text replies are captured in the back office.
Any text can receive a reply.
There is no limit to the number of replies per text.
Can simultaneously receive replies from multiple text messages.
App owner has complete control over deleting text reply history.
Smartphone not required to view messages.

It can be an iPhone, it can be an Android, it can even be an iPad.

Make no mistake about it, the smart phone industry is quickly and not so quietly replacing PC's and laptops as the communication method of choice. Our custom phone app works with every single smart phone on the planet.

A Phone App Gives Your Business Clients A Decisive Edge Over Competitors!

Your Clients phone app will set them apart from everyone else. There is a truism in marketing, "Be the first" and you have a far better chance of controlling your market share.

The ability to follow up with customers and prospects and keep them informed is crucial to a mobile marketing strategy... and our exclusive Text and Push platform is the perfect solution. A business should offer their customers some kind of bonus, such as draw or exclusive discount to encourage them to download their app.

Use The App As A Mobile Version Of An Already Existing Website!

We'll give you special HTML code you can place on your regular desktop website. Then whenever a visitor comes to the website, our code will determine if that visitor is using a mobile device, and will automatically send them straight to the 6 page Mobile Website App!

Our app is totally formatted and view-able on any smart phone.

Your App is Easy to Build and Update!

Once the phone application is received, you will be given special access to a control panel. This program is not for the technogeeks.  Change the content anytime, as often as you like. It is easy to do.

You can submit any graphics, photos (like photos of your business, photos of your products, photos of new products, photos of you, photos of anything) on any app page. Easy! Just crop them to the size specs we give you, then upload them and they immediately appear on your phone app!

We have developed a platform and a system for immediately building out phone apps for any type of business, and then we combine that technology with our text messaging platform and immediately give you access, totally transparent, to that system as well.

You do not need to own a smart phone to build, edit or to send a message.

Custom QR Codes For The App!

We'll also give you, free of charge, 3 unique QR codes just for the APP! Customers can easily "scan in" the QR code using their smart phone... no need to type in an address! The third takes prospects directly to the opt-in page.  
Place the QR graphic on business cards, or a storefront window, or in all print advertising... even your stationery, inviting customers to simply scan it in for immediate access! This way you can integrate all offline marketing and promotion with your mobile marketing strategies!