New PPC Option
- A Search Engine That Pays!! -

Come 2018,
90% Of Internet Searches
Will Be Done From A Smartphone.

The Problem:

The Big Search Engines,
Built Their Business Model
To Show The Searcher
A Desktop Website.

When Trying To Read
If Not Mobile Optimized!!

The Solution:

A Search Engine,
For Only 100% Mobile Friendly Sites,
Which Indexes And Displays Apps!
-And- Rewards People For
Sending Traffic To Do Searches
And To Buy Advertising.

The History

Google has announced that 1.3 million smartphones are activated in a day!  The big search engines were developed on desktop technology, as no one could have predicted the on-slot of the smartphone.  This leaves a big gaping hole, and ICANetwork has walked through it.

We have created our own tier one search engine which produces its own site results.  It is fast, relevant and 100% mobile friendly. ICANetwork has developed their own bots to determine and select sites that are rendered mobile friendly. These bots have been crawling since May 2015, searching, listing, indexing and building a data base.

This is the only search engine in the world with a 2 level affiliate  program which rewards people for sending traffic. Customers are cookied to you for life, based on their IP address.

The home page will host recommendations on software programs, opportunity programs, home study courses, etc:  As affiliates you will receive an income from customers who have purchased any of these monthly specials.

We are not out to close the doors of Google™, Yahoo™, Bing™
- we are only out to provide another alternative successful advertising venue for clients to invest their advertising dollars in.

Ad Campaign Viewings Based On A Rotator System

ICANetwork has created a unique logarithm where keywords are placed in a lotto rotating system.  With the ICANetwork search engine every PPC advertisement ad will appear on the first page.  How Often  an ad campaign will appear on these top spots is weighted against the amount of money spent on that keyword.  As affiliates you will receive an income from money spent on this advertising.


Information and Training Webinars will come before launch explaining  overall how the search engine works  and the commission details ->Which to date have not been released. 

Launch Strategy

The board of the world technology congress has sought out  Zabang.   They voted and  Zabang has been invited to be the the only search engine company at the congress in Lisbon, Portugal this November.
Web Summit
"Europe’s Largest Technology Marketplace"

This is HUGE news !!!

Time Line

Sept 2015
Open for exclusive marketing rights for ICAN salesreps/resellers, to build  their data base of free affiliates.
Dec 2016/Jan 2017 (Date Not Confirmed)
Start selling advertising.

Start Getting Ready

-In your Back Office,  start submitting  your clients websites and apps into our search engine directory for keyword indexing. 
-Start building your referral database.
-Introduce your clients to our 100% mobile search engine, so that you may benefit from any purchases  they have made.
-Use your link to purchase PPC advertising for your clients.